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The Octanes

Hailing from Austin, Texas, are one of America’s premier roots/rockabilly bands. Front man Adam Burchfield was endorsed by Gretsch Guitars in 2013. The band has been a staple of national festivals of the rockabilly/rock and roll genre, as well as the European festival circuit. Consisting of: Adam Burchfield (Guitar, Vocals,) Luke Piro (Drums,) Mario Fontes (Upright Bass,) and Clint Boyd (Saxophone). The Octanes play mostly original material, heavily rooted in hillbilly, while revving up the traditional sound with driving rhythms, and a big guitar sound.

Reno Divorce

Denver, Colorado-based Reno Divorce strikes a unique chord all their own with equal parts Orange County punk, honky tonk country, and a tip-jar full of rockabilly swagger. The band has methodically honed their craft for 16 years in the seediest of speakeasies and on some of the biggest stages across America and Europe. Propped up by a faithful following, and four acclaimed full-length albums, their renowned live performances bring energy and excitement to any venue they grace.

Reckless Ones

Kevin O’Leary (guitarist of Wild Records artists The Rhythm Shakers) fronts the modern rockabilly band, armed with an aggressive Gretsch guitar and crooning vocals. Co-founde,r Dylan Patterson bashes out their infectious rhythms on his stripped-down stand-up drum kit. And Zander Griffith (Deke Dickerson and the Whippersnappers) rounds out the trio with stellar backing vocals and rollicking upright bass. While their sound is as fresh and engaging as ever, the band has allowed the music to mature with them, resulting in an album that defies any one genre and stands on its own.
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