September 22
Tiki Lounge/Shop Stage | Time TBA

Peaks and Pasties performing with Whisky Kiss

Whiskey Kiss styles themselves as retro-revamped — a fitting genre for a band that sports vintage style and roots-based rock with a modern edge.

“These roots revivalists should be among the more entertaining highlights. And it goes beyond the retro-friendly sex appeal and jaw-dropping vocal abilities of singer Niki White, although that clearly helps. Guitarist Nick White is a brilliant roots guitarist with great tone and all the right moves, including soloing while perched on top of Tommy Collins’ upright bass.”- Ed Masley (AZCentral)

With two full-length records, two killer music videos, two European tours, and festival appearances at places like Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and Firebirds Festival in Germany, Whiskey Kiss will soon be the band you won’t stop hearing about. They have a dynamic, danceable sound that keeps the crowd going all night.