A Rockin’ Romance Made in Heaven

Kelly and Joanne dated in High School then lost touch with one another for 30 or so years. They reunited in 2019 and swiftly rekindled their young romance.

Pikes Peak International Raceway’s Hot Rod Rock & Rumble has played an extra special role in their relationship. Previously living in two different towns, they coordinated attending the event together for three years. Joanne even competed in last year’s Miss Rock & Rumble contest.

The bride and groom will make it official during this year’s Rumble with the help of Kelly’s best friend, Dick, who was ordained specifically for the nuptials. The couple will exchange their vows in the back of Kelly’s ’57 Chevy Pickup.

Kelley has been working on the truck for around three years adding Ford Mustang 2 independent front suspension, four-way disc brakes and in true Rockabilly style, a black, patina body.

Make sure to wish this Hot Rod Motorhead and Roller-skating Glamour Gal a huge “congratulations” if you spot them at this year’s festival.

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