Quarter Midgets and Vintage Oval Racers


Southern Colorado Quarter Midgets

Southern Colorado Quarter Midget Association is part of a national organization that promotes teaching kids 5-16 how to race safely and competitively. Quarter Midgets are a scaled down version of a Midget style open wheel race car. Quarter Midgets run on a scaled down oval track and can attain speeds of 20-40 miles an hour.

Quarter Midget racing is entry level motorsports racing for kids. No experience is necessary and kids can start racing at age 5. Quarter Midget racing is a great place to start in motorsports. It is a very family oriented sport and the National Quarter Midget Association promotes clean, safe and healthy racing.

Quarter Midget races are held on a local, regional and national level. Racing classes are divided by age, weight, and motor type. The Novice class is a non-competitive racing class. It is to teach new drivers techniques and safety while operating a quarter midget.

All cars must pass a safety inspection each year. Each driver must have specific racing equipment that is governed by national rules. Safety for our kids is of the utmost importance.


Colorado Vintage Oval Racers

Dedicated to the historical preservation of Oval Track racing in the Rocky Mountain region.   The Colorado Vintage Oval Racers is a club open to all types of vintage oval racecars including but not limited to midgets, sprint cars, stock cars and modifieds. Driving on the track is not about racing for position but showing off the vintage racecars in a safe and friendly exhibition on track.