Racing and Car Show Events


Pre-registration for all racing/car show entries closes at 11:30 PM on Wednesday 9/18/19. Walk up racing/car show entry can be done at the west side registration building starting on Friday, 9/20/19.


All drag racers and car show participants are welcome to race or cruise down the drag strip on Friday, September 20th and Saturday, September 21st. The drag strip is 1/8th mile long. After each pass, the driver must safely slow the car down to a speed of 25 mph when returning on the 1-mile oval. Please slow down immediately after crossing the finish line. Breaking the speed limit will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the event by PPIR officials.

Entering The Drag Strip / Making Passes

The drag strip will have 5 staging lanes setup before the burnout box and start line. Drivers will access the staging lanes by driving through the Turn 1 gate from the paddock (see Drag Strip Entry / Exit Gate on the map). Vehicles over 96 inches in height will use the Bypass Lane on the right. All drivers will be checked by a PPIR official for the proper wrist band. The use of the drag strip will be first come, first serve. If two drivers wish to race against each other they may line up in one of the staging lanes nose to tail and simply notify one of the PPIR drag strip officials of their plan to go head to head. The PPIR official will make sure to send them to the starting line side by side together for the race. There is no stopping allowed on the drag strip or the oval. Once you are given the signal to start your turn down the drag strip and cruise the oval you must continue around the entire 1-mile oval to get back to the staging lanes or exit through the gate back into the paddock.

PPIR may use two methods to start races: Flag Drop or Christmas Tree. The Flag Drop is simple: when the checkered flag drops, you GO! When the Christmas Tree is in use the following instructions apply: Drivers will be directed by PPIR staff to pull up from the grid lanes into the burnout area. Burnouts are not required. No VHT or other similar liquids or materials may be used on the tires or the asphalt at any time, however water is available. After the burnout, the driver will pull up to the staging/start line. Pull up enough to illuminate the pre-stage lights and then inch up more to illuminate the stage lights (both sets of yellow lights at the top of the tree). Within seconds the large yellow lights will drop and then the green light will turn on. Green means GO! Don’t be too quick to launch however because if your tires roll away from the stage light beam before the green light turns on you will have lost the race. If you jump the start a red light will turn on for that lane.

Just Cruising The Oval

Car show participants of Hot Rod Rock and Rumble are welcome to race down or cruise down the strip and cruise the 1-mile oval. To cruise the oval, simply pull into the far left lane of the drag strip staging area. Once directed to the starting line, you can cruise down the strip. Please continue around the entire 1-mile oval to get back to the camping areas, the paddock, or the drag strip staging area. If you are taking a low speed drive down the drag strip (staying under 50 mph) and then cruising the oval (25 mph speed limit) you may have additional passengers in a back seat so long as they have seat belts on.


Passengers are allowed in vehicles making cruise passes and lower speed drag runs. The allowance of passengers in any vehicle at Hot Rod Rock & Rumble is solely at the discretion of PPIR. When racing or cruising the drag strip and oval all persons in the vehicle must be wearing a seat belt.

Vehicle Safety Information

It is the responsibility of everyone to make certain that his or her vehicle is track worthy.  PPIR reserves the right at ANY TIME during the event to not allow any vehicle on track which it deems to be unsafe or unsuited for track driving.

  • Tires in good / safe condition, pressures set properly and are no more than 5 years old
  • All lug nuts are present, and torque is set (refer manufacturer specifications)
  • Fully functional seat belts in good condition (factory stock or better required)
  • Seat(s) in good, safe and functional condition / design are present
  • Minimal play in steering linkage, wheel bearings, and suspension components
  • Brake system in good condition (pads, rotors, lines, etc.)
  • No fluid leaks from the vehicle of any kind
  • Vehicle is free of loose items (including the trunk)
  • Battery is properly secured, and the vehicle is free of any exposed electrical connections
  • Hoses and lines are securely fastened and routed properly and safely
  • Vehicle interior / exterior must be free and clear of sharp exposed edges
  • No part of the vehicle can be dragging on the ground.


  • 8 seconds or slower: Helmet not required.
  • Between 7 and 8 seconds: DOT or better rated helmet required, and passenger must also have a DOT or better rated helmet. A SNELL rated helmet is recommended.
  • Less than 7 seconds: Vehicle must be equipped with a properly constructed roll-cage, racing safety harness in good functional condition, SFI rated fire suit, neck restraint system, and a SNELL SA2000+ rated helmet.

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